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Am I famous now?

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

I did my first ever radio interview last week and we actually talked about little old me and the things I'm doing. It was so bizarre, I've spent my whole adult life trying my hardest not indulge my penchent for talking about myself for fear of being (correctly) labelled self-involved. So to have that be entirely thrown out the window and to be expected to talk about myself and my opinions was a terrifying tightrope walk.

If you want to hear the interview, I've posted the link below. I'm on after about 6 mins and I stay and chat for most of the first 45 mins, with songs thrown in to break up my otherwise unending blathering.

We talk about me leaving my job, the process of writing, what my inspirations are, my new project and a few other bits and bobs. Also, at the end of my section, I incorrectly assume that Wearing My Rolex by Wiley is actually an Example song, which was momentarily humiliating and led to me dreaming about going on the Graham Norton Show and making an absolute fool of myself in front of Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel Weisz.


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